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BioNo chemical inputs used in the vineyard and winery; reduced doses of sulphur
Les Vignes du Bourg
Vintage 2021
Estate: Julien Braud
Region : France, Loire Valley
Certification(s) : Ecocert
Grape Variety(ies) : Burgundy melon
Agriculture : Organic


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Les Vignes du Bourg 2021 de Julien Braud

is a wine made from the emblematic grape variety of the MuscadetMelon de Bourgogne is grown organically on shallow sandy-silt soil derived from the alteration of Gneiss and Amphibolite.

The grapes are picked by hand in 600-litre paloxes. The harvest is handled only by gravity to avoid crushing and oxidation. The harvest is gently pressed in a pneumatic press. After a light settling by gravity, the juice is vinified in the respect of the terroir and the vintage.

Fermentation starts spontaneously without exogenous yeasts or enzymes. It takes place slowly at a temperature of between 18 and 20°C for about a month. Les Vignes du Bourg is then aged for 6 months on lees in vats.
underground concrete tank tiled with glass. A few stirring of the lees are done before winter and in spring to encourage the autolysis of the yeasts which brings more complexity to the wine. It is then bottled with a light filtration.

Les Vignes du Bourg is a rich and generous wine with notes of citrus and fresh fruit, a beautiful mineral structure and a saline finish. A very nice Muscadet that has already succeeded in reconciling many customers with this region.

Julien Braud - Monnières (44)

Julien Braud is a young winegrower in Monnières near Nantes. He learned the vine and wine professions from his father on the family estate after studying agricultural engineering with a speciality in viti-vini. After a few years of experience, he wanted to create his own estate in order to highlight the terroirs of the beautiful Muscadet region and to showcase the qualities of the region's iconic grape variety, the "Melon de Bourgogne".

Thus, since 2012, Julien has been developing his estate on a human scale of 7.80 hectares, all organically farmed. This allows him to respect his objective of producing authentic wines with character and to restore the reputation of the Muscadet crus.

Julien also produces a sublime Pinot Noir with a lot of freshness to find here. 

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