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BioNo chemical inputs used in the vineyard and winery; reduced doses of sulphur
Amour Fragile
Vintage 2020
Estate : Charivari Wines
Region : Bordeaux, France
Appellation : Bordeaux White
Alcool : 13 %
Grape Variety(ies) : Sauvignon Blanc
Agriculture : Organic


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L'Amour Fragile

est un 100% Sauvignon Blanc issu des vignobles biologiques de Nea situés sur la commune de Laroque. Les raisins sont cueillis à la main, ils sont éraflés puis mis en amphore pour une fermentation en contact avec la peau.

Le vin reste sur les peaux pendant environ 20 jours, puis les peaux et les graines sont enlevées. Le vin mûrit dans la même amphore pendant environ 6 mois et est ensuite mis en bouteille sans collage ni filtration.

L'Amour Fragile est un riche à la structure audacieuse. On y trouve des arômes d'agrumes, de pamplemousse et de noisette douce qui provient d'une légère oxydation. Un vin blanc de macération toute en gourmandise.

Charivari Wines - Nea Berglund

The Charivari Wines adventure began in 2015 when Nea Berglund joined the family estate Chateau Carsin to work there while studying for her Master's degree in Bordeaux Sciences Agro.

She worked for a while at Chateau Carsin but being the family business, there was no contract, no official hours and no salary. When she asked for a change in this situation, her father offered her two options: money or grapes.

She then chose the second option and so her first wine was made in 2015 and Charivari Wines was born.

Her wines are not the traditional Bordeaux blends and they are all the result of Nea's experimental spirit and willingness to try new things. She plays with the rules of classic Bordeaux winemaking and challenges some traditions while cherishing others. The wines are made with the greatest respect for nature and with the simplest possible vinification.

Discover all the Nea wines: The Sparkling Mystery, L’aventure Nocturne, L’amour fragile et La Rose Sauvage.

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