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BioNo chemical inputs used in the vineyard and winery; reduced doses of sulphurBiodyRevitalisation of the soil and the natural defences of the vine by using natural inputs and energy; ultra-reduced doses of sulphurNatVinification without any inputs and/or added sulphur; extremely low or no sulphur contentSO2No sulphite is added during vinification, only natural sulphites are present.
Y'a d'la Joie ! Magnum
Vintage 2021
Domaine : Cousin x Château Beynat
Region : Bordeaux, France
Certification(s) : Demeter, Ecocert
Grape Variety(ies) : Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot
Agriculture : Biodynamics, Organic
Vinification : Nature, Without SO2


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Y'a d'la Joie ! est née de la passion de notre équipe qui, jour après jour faisant l’éloge d’une centaine de vignerons, a voulu renouer avec la terre et la vigne en créant its own cuvee.

It was only natural that we turned to Alain "the magical winemaker" of Château Beynat in Saint-Magne-de-Castillon (33), who became our friend after many years of collaboration.

Big biodynamistHe helped us with all the stages of production: from harvesting, through devatting, pressing, blending and packaging.

After many hours of tasting, we decided on a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec vinified and matured in stainless steel vats and then in concrete vats without adding sulphite.

Y'a d'la Joie ! c'est tout bonnement la représentation du vin que l'on aime boire en équipe, une cuvée fruity and freshwith substance, aromas of black fruitsblackberries, blackcurrants and some small notes of flowers on a soft and flexible material tasteful.

To be tasted on a nice local board around a table laughing and relaxed, une bouteille de Y'a d'la joie au centre !

Château Beynat - Alain Tourenne

A century-old property, Château Beynat is now in the hands ofAlain Tourenne, winegrower passionate and involved in the respect for the environmentt. Château Beynat is located in Sainte Magne de Castillon, and extends over 14 hectares cultivated in biodynamics.

Alain does not stop at traditional viticulture and wine making practices, he is constantly thinking about the creation of new processes and new potions, each more bizarre than the last, and each time it works, earning him the nickname of "Vigneron Magician".

Découvrez la cuvée du domaine d'Alain 

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