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BioNo chemical inputs used in the vineyard and winery; reduced doses of sulphurNatVinification without any inputs and/or added sulphur; extremely low or no sulphur content
Robin des Vignes
Vintage 2021
Domain : Le Petit Clou des Vents
Region : France, Sud-Ouest
Appellation : Vin de France
Certification(s) : Ecocert
Grape Variety(ies) : Sémillon
Agriculture : Organic, In conversion
Vinification : Nature


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Robin des Vignes 2021 - Le Petit Clou des Vents - Vin de France (Duras)

Is made from Semillon grapes botrytised 75 years old, exposed to the South-West and a little Sauvignon Blanc, picked by hand and then pressed directly with a small vertical press, the pressings are gentle and long.

The wine is then put into barrels to remain there for 6 months.

Robin des Vignes is a surprising wine, it develops those greedy notes typical of botrytised Semillon, of candied fruit, honey, dried apricots, but you can feel from the nose that there is still some freshness.

The palate is just perfectly balanced, we find all the aromatic palette of the great sweet wines, but with an exceptional freshness, greediness brought by the little sweet touch that is needed. A sweet wine but not too sweet!

Sylvain also produces a juicy red wine: To the West of my South and an incredible oxidative wine: All Sails Out.

Le Petit Clou des Vents - Sylvain Jougla - Soumensac

Domaine le Petit Clou des Vents is a small wine estate founded in 2011 by Sylvain Jougla and his wife Lucile. The estate is located in Soumensac in the Lot et Garonne in the Duras appellation.

Sylvain Jougla is a native winemaker from Béziers who makes very nice and atypical natural wines by intervening as little as possible during the vinification process, using indigenous yeasts.

All the vines, with a total surface area of 3.5 hectares, are cultivated using organic and biodynamic methods, with intensive time spent working the soil to optimise the quality of the wines.

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