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BioNo chemical inputs used in the vineyard and winery; reduced doses of sulphurBiodyRevitalisation of the soil and the natural defences of the vine by using natural inputs and energy; ultra-reduced doses of sulphur
Le Gras c'est la Vie - Magnum
Millésime 2022
Domaine : Famille de Boël - France
Appellation : Mediterranean PGI
Certification(s) : AB
Grape Variety(ies) : Caladoc, Carignan, Grenache
Agriculture : Biodynamics, Organic


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Le gras c'est la vie ! 2022 de La Famille de Boel France dans le Rhône Septentrional

Fat is life! It's a tribute to the pork butchers, and to the almost lost winter tradition of killing pigs and spending the weekend making puddings, sausages, pâtés and other rillettes! It was a time of rejoicing, of sharing between family and friends, a true moment of conviviality and joy, and that is the spirit of this wine!

It explodes with red and black fruit, spice and almost meatiness. Fleshy, it remains fresh and easy on the palate. Here is one that knows how to hold its own at the table!

Native yeast, aged 100% in stainless steel tanks to keep the vibrant fruit.

Carignan 10%, Grenache 55%, et bien sûr pour les 35% restants, un petit clin d'œil à Kaamelott avec le Caladoc

The de Boel France family in Lemps (07)

Freshly settled in the Rhône Valley, it was in 2016 that Arnaud De Boel and Nelly France, created their domain, located in the village of Lemps, in the Northern Rhône, between Lyon and Avignon.

They started from scratch, planted their own vines, and also found parcels of old vines. Today, they own 11 hectares of vines scattered throughout the Northern Rhône and cultivated like a garden, producing wines that are made as naturally as possible.

They practice biodynamic farming and are in the process of converting to organic farming; the entire vineyard will be certified in 2021. Great gourmets, each wine has its own anecdote linked to the history of gastronomy.

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